ūüéĶūüĎčūüŹľ Greetings friends! ¬†I've pulled¬†together a new¬†EP¬†for you to hear. If you dig the songs¬†and want to show your support, please listen &¬†follow¬†on any of my digital platforms¬†and¬†get more music! In¬†the meantime, here's a little bit about the new songs.

I started this project a little over 1 year ago, right after I asked my wife to marry me. For a wedding present, I thought it would be cool to write her a song, which turned out to be "True Love of Mine". I asked JR Richards, the original lead singer of Dishwalla if he would produce the tune for me and keep it a secret until our wedding day. I developed a really great working relationship with JR in doing so but Lynne was obviously curious why I was in constant contact with the lead singer of a popular American rock band like we were good buddies or something. So I recommended to JR that we needed to do a cover song to cover my tracks of the original song I was trying to hide until our wedding day. That's when I thought it would be cool to record "Can't Help Falling In Love" as a first dance song to also surprise all our guests.

Lastly I recorded "Strong Life" which is a jingle I wrote on the guitar up in the woods of New Hampshire but I decided to record it as a piano song instead. There was something about playing the opening chords on the piano that gave me strength and resolve when planning our wedding during stressful pandemic restrictions. But all in all, I was able to present True Love of Mine to the true love of mine after dinner at our wedding and finally danced with my muse herself, after keeping it a secret for a whole year. 

So this is a gift to my Wife¬†Lynne, and¬†I want you to listen¬†and enjoy as well. Thank you¬†tremendously for all the support and love you have shown me in every single unique way that led me to Lynne and to creating these songs and¬†recordings. They are the sounds of happy memories for me¬†and¬†sharing them is my¬†way of passing those feelings to you.¬†Be well and happy listening! ūüôŹūüŹľ

ūüé∂ ¬†Chris¬†¬†ūüé∂

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